VISTA Postdoctoral Awards

Value Minimum $55,000/year plus benefits for up to 24 months.

  • Possibility to apply for a one-year extension
  • Annual research allowance $7,500
  • Annual networking allowance $1,000
Application Deadline April 16, 2018
Application Procedures See below
How to Apply
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Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) is a collaborative research program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF, 2016-2023) that builds on York’s world-class interdisciplinary research in biological and computer vision. VISTA spans five York faculties (Health, Engineering, Science, Arts Media Performance & Design; Liberal Arts & Professional Studies), five research centers (including the Centre for Vision Research), and over 50 partners in the international research community and non-academic sectors such as healthcare and industry.

The central scientific question that drives VISTA is ‘How can neural and/or machine systems be integrated to provide adaptive visual behavior in real-world conditions’. Answering this question will provide fundamental advances to vision science and exciting, widespread applications for visual health and technologies. Our overarching aim is to advance visual science through research that spans computational and biological perspectives and results in real-world applications.

Fellowships will be awarded competitively based on the strength of the candidate, the strength of the research proposal, and fit with the goals of the VISTA program.


The VISTA Postdoctoral Award will provide financial support to high-caliber scholars doing post-doctoral research that is aligned with the VISTA program under the supervision of a VISTA core member.


VISTA will support interdisciplinary training programs across its core fields and will support training opportunities with partners in industry and public service that will enhance the postdoctoral experience. Funding is available for up to two years with the possibility of re-applying for one additional year. The selection process and post-award administration are carried out by the VISTA Training Committee and the VISTA Administrative Staff in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University. Following review of the eligibility criteria, and confirmation of a VISTA core member supervisor, applicants should submit their application to by the application deadline.



To be eligible to apply:

  • Your application must be supported by a VISTA Core Member who would become your supervisor. VISTA Associate Members are eligible as co-supervisors with a VISTA Core Member;
  • You must hold a doctorate in an area that falls within the VISTA mandate;
  • A PhD or equivalent degree must be completed by the start date;
  • Postdoctoral Fellows who hold an external award (e.g. NSERC) at York, and who have not previously held a VISTA Postdoctoral Award, are eligible to apply for a one year extension from VISTA during the final year of their award;
  • Postdoctoral candidates who are employed at York University under the category of 'Postdoctoral Visitor' are only eligible to apply to VISTA during their first 6 months of employment (or until the first available VISTA Postdoctoral Award application deadline, whichever comes first);
  • You must accept an offer with a start date no later than December 1, 2018;
  • You must conduct research in the vision sciences that is aligned with the VISTA program.


Program of Study Eligibility

The research should contribute to VISTA’s mandate, which is to support fundamental and applied vision research that combines biological and computational perspectives and has translational potential for health, industry, or other applications.


To apply to the VISTA Postdoctoral Award, applicants must have a VISTA core member willing to act as a supervisor.

Applicants must then complete, sign and email an application to The supervisor must complete and sign (electronic signatures accepted) the Postdoctoral Supervisor form. Applicants may consult the application instructions for more information on how to complete an application.

Applicants are also asked to complete and submit a self-identification survey. Personal information in connection with this survey will be used for educational, administrative and statistical purposes only and will be stored by the VISTA Administration Staff and the York Centre for Human Rights to maintain confidentiality. The form is completely voluntary and will not be used in the evaluation of the application.


  • Application deadline: April 16, 2018. Applications must be submitted by the deadline to
  • Results deadline: Results can be expected to be communicated by May 31, 2018.
  • Acceptance and declines of offers: Applicants will have 21 days from the date of each offer of award to accept or decline. Replies can be sent to The status of offers not accepted or declined within the 21 days will automatically be considered Declined.


The VISTA Training Committee at York University is responsible for coordinating the selection process for the VISTA Postdoctoral Award applications, and for performing the preliminary review and ranking. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will review and make decisions on awards, and will communicate the results to the Training Committee.


The merit review of VISTA Postdoctoral Award applications will be carried out by the VISTA Training Committee and will be based on the following criteria:

Criteria Description Weight
Research Ability or Potential
  • Quality of contributions to research and development
  • Relevance of work experience and academic training to VISTA mandate
  • Scholarships and awards held
  • Duration of graduate studies
  • Ability to think critically
  • Ability to apply skills and knowledge
  • Judgment
  • Originality
  • Initiative and autonomy
  • Enthusiasm for research
Excellence of the Research Proposal and Training Plan
  • Research proposal is of high quality on a topic that aligns with VISTA’s mandate.
  • Proposals that include a current or potential future VISTA partner (private, academic or public sector) are not mandatory but will be considered a strength.
Transdisciplinarity of proposed research
  • Research focuses on fundamental and applied vision research
  • Research combines biological and computational perspectives
  • Research involves a range of techniques
  • Supervision committee is crosses multiple disciplines
Potential for Knowledge/Commercial Translation
  • Research has translational potential for health, industry, or other applications.
  • Research has the potential to develop immediate/short-term applications
  • Research has the potential for fundamental breakthroughs with long-term applications
  • Research has non-academic partnership(s)