VISTA (Vision: Science to Applications)

Vision is our most important medium for perceiving and interacting with the surrounding world, so vision research has important implications both for human health and for the technologies that we use to extend our abilities. VISTA, funded by the Canada-First Research Excellence Fund, will integrate the biological and computational vision research of five York faculties, five research centres, and over 50 partners to produce technologies that will help people live healthier, safer, and more productive lives. VISTA aims to be the world’s premier nexus for transdisciplinary, translational vision research.

Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) is a collaborative program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF, 2016-2023) that builds on York’s world-leading interdisciplinary expertise in biological and computer vision. In collaboration with over 50 academic, public, and for-profit partners from around the world, VISTA will propel Canada as a global leader in the vision sciences by integrating visual neuroscience with computer vision to drive innovation.

The central scientific question that drives VISTA is ‘How can neural and/or machine systems be integrated to provide adaptive visual behavior in real-world conditions’. Answering this question will provide fundamental advances to vision science and exciting, widespread applications for visual health and technologies. Our overarching aim is to advance visual science through research that spans computational and biological perspectives and results in real-world applications.