Ezra’s Journey: How AI can shift the paradigms of cancer screening

March 17, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
LAS 3033, Lassonde Building, York University
Yaser Kerachian


Helen Xu, Ph.D.
Director of Data Science, Ezra

Abstract: Cancer affects millions of lives around the world every year. The key to a successful cancer treatment is early diagnosis. However, this is often limited by cost, accessibility, and capacity. Ezra’s mission is to screen cancer for everyone in the world. In just over a year of establishment, Ezra is live in 10 locations (3 cities) across the United States, and has imaged over 700 patients. Out of these patients, 5% were diagnosed with cancer and more than 50% had major incidental findings such as brain glioma, aneurysm, polyps and cysts. This talk features some of the business and technical challenges that Ezra encountered during its journey and how AI can be used to increase the clinical efficacy to help save more lives.

Bio: Dr. Helen Xu obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from Queen’s University, Canada in 2014, specializing in computer-assisted cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is currently the Director of Data Science at Ezra, a New York and Toronto based start-up that provides cancer screening services using MRI. Prior to joining Ezra, Helen worked at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as an AI Researcher, and at CIMTEC (Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization) as Team Lead and Project Manager. Helen has also collaborated with many academic and commercial institutions including GE Healthcare, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard Medical School.

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