Associated Research Units

The foundation for VISTA is York University’s large, internationally recognized, interdisciplinary group of biological and computational vision scientists led by the Center for Vision Research (CVR). VISTA integrates the strengths of CVR with five synergistic Institutes and Centers.

Centre for Vision Research

The York Centre for Vision Research (CVR) is an international leader in interdisciplinary studies of vision, ranging from clinical applications, studies of human perception, brain sciences, visual biometrics, and computational vision, to helpful tools for the visually-impaired, visually-guided computer interfaces for the hearing impaired, and visually-guided robots for the physically disabled.

York Centre for Field Robotics

The York Centre for Field Robotics (YCFR) within the Lassonde School of Engineering brings together researchers with interest in sensing, planning and locomotion tasks situated in realistic (e.g., out of doors environments). The YCFR provides a synergistic environment for faculty, technicians and students working in and/or with autonomous systems and sensors, and provides administrative and technical support for the large-scale experimental equipment research in this area requires. The YCFR builds upon substantive investment at York in autonomous systems and provides a focus for interaction between York researchers and national and international research efforts in field robotics.

Sensorium: The Centre for Digital Arts and Technology

Sensorium supports cross-disciplinary research in new application and content creation, scientific inquiry, policy development and critical discourse in digital media. Areas of specialization will include: 30 cinema and stereography, perceptual science, advanced visualization, immersive environments, interface and interaction design, physical computing, and networked media architecture.

Sensorium will serve as a catalyst for new ideas and experimentation by linking existing labs and consolidating resources, supporting student training, and encouraging community and industry partnerships.

York U Centre for Aging Research (YU-CARE)

The vision of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE) is to promote graceful aging by approaching aging with active and positive responses to changes and challenges throughout the aging process on a societal and individual level. Its mission is to contribute to improved health and well being for older adults.  By promoting innovative research, education and advocacy on graceful aging we wish to introduce a radical attitude shift about aging and contribute to improved health for older adults in Canada and around the world.

Innovative Computing @ Lassonde

The mandate of IC@L is to establish itself as a nationally leading and internationally recognized research unit focusing on the science of computing and its realization to enable novel solutions and technologies. The future of many disciplines depends on advances in computational science via theoretical and empirical research, and hardware and software development. IC@L joins computational scientists with hospitals, industry and government to address the next generation of computational problems. It addresses critical issues for a knowledge society and advances problem solving in areas such as health, environment, and business.