COVID-19 Mitigation Grant

VISTA COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation Accelerator Grant: Call for proposals

In light of the impact that the University closure has had on the capacity to carry out research/creative projects, a special accelerator round is offered for VISTA research related to pivoting these projects to a socially distanced platform. Note, the topic of the work does not need to be related to COVID-19. Applications that meet the requirements for VISTA research grant funding are eligible for short-term funding of up to $5,000 to facilitate immediate pivoting towards socially distanced research/creative projects. Note that up to six grants will be distributed this round.

Eligibility: The conditions for this pandemic mitigation funding are the same as for VISTA research grants ( with the following exceptions:

  • Funding must be spent within 6 months of the grant onset (with the possibility of a 3-month extension with justification).
  • No partners are required (but are encouraged).
  • It must be feasible to start the work immediately.

Process: Researchers can submit an abbreviated proposal for rapid review and adjudication by the VISTA Research Committee. No external peer review will be undertaken. A complete application will consist of:

  1. Submit Notice of Intent (NOI) form to VISTA office by March 5th, 2021.
  2. Two-page research proposal (Proposals must use 11-point Arial font or equivalent, with a minimum of one-inch margins on all sides) including:

Max 1 page for item A:

  1. Project Description: Describe the proposed research/creative project approach/methodology: Clearly state the research question being proposed, the rationale for the proposed research, and the objectives of the project. Clearly describe how the funding will allow you to pivot and continue your work during the University closure.
  2. Max 1 page for items B, C, and D:

  3. Team: Describe the skills/experience of the proposed project team and how these match project requirements.
  4. Potential Impact and Relevance to VISTA: Clearly describe the project’s potential impact on vision science and the translational application; outline your plan to use this accelerator to leverage external funding opportunities for your research/creative projects.
  5. Budget justification: outlining plans for the $5,000 funding.
  6. Please provide CVs for the PI and any CO-PIs/collaborators (any format acceptable)
  • One additional page of references or figures may be added if required.

Duration: 6 months, with possible continuation as a VISTA research project (new proposal submission required in the next available grant cycle).

Deadline: NOI due by March 5th, Full application by March 19th, 2021 via email to