VISTA Membership

Core and Associate Membership

  • Core member application would now require: two nominating letters from other core members, letter of interest, CV and to present a seminar at a VISTA or CVR allocated time slot.
  • Associate membership would continue on a rolling basis where they would only require one letter of nomination, letter of interest and CV.

Application Guidelines

Affiliate Membership

The VISTA Leadership Committee invites VISTA Core members to nominate non-York academic colleagues in Canada for Affiliate membership.

VISTA Affiliate Membership provides benefits to non-York (external) faculty, both directly and via their collaborations with VISTA Core members. Affiliate members will have the opportunity to attend, either in person or remotely, a large array of VISTA-related seminars and events. Further, Affiliate members can benefit from VISTA funding opportunities through their collaborations with VISTA Core members. VISTA Core members have access to services and support including enhanced technical support and funding for research projects, research travel, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and prototyping funds.

Eligibility and nomination criteria for Affiliate membership are listed in the table below.

Please submit your nomination to Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Complete guidelines can be found below.



  • Nominee must demonstrate a strong history of research in a vision-related area.
  • History of, or strong interest in collaborating with VISTA Core and/or Associate members.

Nomination Criteria

  • Letter of support/nomination signed by one current VISTA Core member.
  • CV of nominee, limited to the most recent 5 years of activity.
  • Letter of interest from nominee.
  • Self-Identification Survey by nominee (voluntary).

Note that VISTA funding cannot be provided to members outside of York University.