VISTA researcher Lauren Sergio commercializes brain injury technology

Health professor and VISTA core member Lauren Sergio joins forces with Innovation York and MaRS Innovation to build and release a much-needed new tool to assess concussions and dementia.

VISTA celebrates new VISTA graduate scholarship and postdoctoral award recipients

Nine VISTA graduate scholarship and three VISTA postdoctoral award recipients were recognized at a lecture and awards presentation on October 6, 2017.

VISTA Core Member Laurence Harris collaborates to discover "safety feature" in our perception of self motion

An international research collaboration between York University VISTA Core Member Laurence Harris and researchers in Japan has discovered that our perception of self motion has a previously unknown safety feature.

World leading vision research program receives Canada's premiere grant

York University’s world class expertise in vision research is being recognized by the government of Canada with the nation’s most prestigious research grant. A $33.3 million Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) grant will support the Vision: S ...

Ontario Innovators: Studying the human eye to develop robots — and surveillance systems — that may keep you safer spoke to Doug Crawford, VISTA’s scientific director, about how much is still unknown about human eyesight and how studying it can potentially lead to medical and technological breakthroughs.