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Neuroimaging to Understand Action and Coordination

Modulation of large-scale brain systems using network-based neuroimaging and non-invasive brain stimulation to understand and improve goal-directed cognition and action. The relationship between what our eyes see and the brain heavily influences our understanding and ability to physically react to our world. While hand-eye coordination has been studied for thousands of years little is understood […]

Visual-Conceptual Processing Interactions

Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Visual-Conceptual Processing Interactions Dr. Caitlin Mullin is the recipient of the first VISTA Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship and is the Trainee Representative on the VISTA Leadership Committee. In 2018, she joined the lab of VISTA Core Member, Dale Stevens, with a research focus on “Characterizing the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Visual-Conceptual Processing Interactions”. Mullin […]