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Video - Rick Wildes & Helping Surgeons Live in the Moment

Surgical plans are imperfect guides, but new technological tools could help lighten the load for surgeons doing complex, delicate work. Every day in the operating room, surgeons make complex visual transformations in their minds. Any pre-operative information that they have based on medical imaging is usually static; however, during surgery there are many moving parts. […]

Video - How 'Double Vision' Can Be a Good Thing

A pair of York University collaborators are showing how a cross-disciplinary approach can help solve some tough vision-related challenges. In the quest to keep improving on cutting-edge technologies, it’s important not to lose sight of opportunities to use technological innovations to improve people’s lives. Collaborators Doug Crawford and Richard Wildes are both researchers at York University’s Vision: Science to Applications […]

Video - Rick Wildes & Processing Images

What does it mean to "see"? The answer might help us train artificial systems to analyze the staggering volume of videos online. “We’re trying to understand, from a fundamental principles point of view, what it means to see.” Computational vision scientist Richard Wildes, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at York University, studies computer systems as […]